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Sing with us

We invite all interested singers to audition with Lieto Voices. We strive to be a well-mixed and balanced choir. As a medium-sized choir, it is important that each voice is capable of supporting and matching the quality of the other vocalists. 


If you would like to audition, please contact us through the inquiry form on this page. 


Auditions are held as needed per section at the beginning of each concert cycle. Candidates will be invited to attend two consecutive Lieto rehearsals, after which the audition will be held in a small group (quartet or double). If auditions are not needed in a given season, we keep a waiting list for the next season. Our maximum membership is 90 members.


Our concert schedule is moderately aggressive, with about six to ten weeks between performances. We rehearse every Tuesday night from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, and members are expected to attend each rehearsal.


Candidate qualifications:


  • Have good musical skills

  • Be able to read music, time signatures, and dynamic marks

  • Understand how to follow a conductor

  • Be able to blend with other voices

  • Be prepared to sing the two musical selections below (“April Is in My Mistress’ Face” and “America the Beautiful”) 

  • Be prepared to attend rehearsal every Tuesday night

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We're so excited you are considering being a part of our choir even if it is not in a singing capacity!

Join our team of dedicated volunteers and contribute to a vibrant community that goes beyond singing. If you're someone who believes in the power of collective action and wants to be a part of positive change without stepping into the limelight, our non-singing volunteer opportunities await you.

From event coordination, ushering, ticketing, and administrative support to outreach initiatives and creative planning, your unique skills find their perfect note here. Embark on a fulfilling journey with us, amplifying voices that resonate throughout the community. Together, we create a symphony of impact through meaningful service. Sign up now to begin your volunteer story with Lieto Voices.

Send us a message below or email us at

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